Imagine a world where reality and fantasy meets – that is the world of an artist. Artworks are silent communicators, screaming visually with colour explosion reaching into the heart and mind of the viewer. Our artworks are like books with a different story for every individual, no two people will experience it the same and therefore create their own meaning for the artwork.

The base of our artworks is professional wildlife and landscape photography, capturing a special or unusual moment that creates feeling and in some cases movement in a single photograph. These photographs are manipulated by using the latest design software to create a very unique piece of art.

Units On Display

If you are curious to see what the artworks would look like in homes, offices and other spaces please have a look at the display unit located in the product pages  – these will give you a good idea of how our artworks can finish any space.

Our Catalogue

Here is a selection of our featured artworks, click on the images for more information about the art piece and for buying options. Find more amazing artworks! Please follow the link below to see our full online catalogue.

Wild Art Birthday Calendar
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