About Wild Art

Wild Art is an initiative born from the passion for photography and design. We follow a unique approach by fusing professional photography and exceptional artistic design to create art that speaks for itself. Exclusivity is our aim, limited prints will be made of a specific design.

Imagine a world where reality and fantasy meets – that is the world of an artist. Artworks are silent communicators, screaming visually with colour explosion reaching into the heart and mind of the viewer. Our artworks are like books with a different story for every individual, no two people will experience it the same and therefore create their own meaning for the artworks.

The base of our artworks is professional wildlife and landscape photography, capturing a special or unusual moment that creates feeling and in some cases movement in a single photograph. These photographs are manipulated by using the latest design software to create a very unique pieces of art.

Why is it so important to have exclusive artworks? Everybody wants to own something that is unique, something that will also grow in value over a period of time.

Our artworks can be mounted in different formats (Framed, Blocked, Canvas, etc) that meet the requirements of our client.

Wild Art also produce specific theme-driven productions, suitable for corporate businesses, small businesses, guest houses, game lodges, consulting rooms, stylish dwellings and apartments.

Quality, density and colors on prints will vary from size and printed media. Blown-up images may look different from the images viewed on your device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.). Therefore we have included some detailed views (Images below the featured image) to give you a better indication of the larger size. Printing on canvas and other surfaces will also have a huge effect on some images.

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