African Darter

This unique image is photographed by Ben Fouche and is digitally enhanced to reveal the energy and magic of the scene. It looks spectacular when printed on large, stretched canvas. This standard artwork size is approximately 1189mm x 841mm.


Product Full Description

One delightful afternoon, I had the privilege of capturing the exquisite image of a darter at a bird hide located north of Pretoria. In the realm of bird photography in South Africa, few pursuits offer such a harmonious blend of reward and challenge. These are magnificent creatures, large, dark-coloured water birds, distinguished by their strikingly elongated necks that bear a resemblance to a snake. It is this unique feature that has earned them the affectionate Afrikaans name “Slanghalsvoël.” During this particular encounter, the darter gracefully indulged in preening, an act of tender care for its plumage. As it diligently tended to itself, its elongated neck seamlessly disappeared beneath the sheltering wings, leaving only the captivating sight of its head delicately peeking from beneath the protective veil of feathers.

In a bird hide, north of Pretoria’s embrace,
I captured a moment, framed with grace.
Dark plumage adorned its form,
A water bird, weathered by life’s storm.
Its neck, elongated, a serpent’s guise,
Known as “Slanghalsvoel” in Afrikaans ties.
Neck submerged beneath wings’ embrace,
Only its head, a glimpse in that space.

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