Reed Cormorant

This unique image is photographed by Ben Fouche and is digitally enhanced to reveal the energy and magic of the scene. It looks spectacular when printed on large, stretched canvas. This standard artwork size is approximately 1189mm x 841mm.


Product Full Description

The sun began to set over Gauteng one late afternoon, I found myself patiently waiting in a hide on the edge of a dam. The daylight was fading, making As it too dark to capture detailed photographs. Just as my patience was about to wane, a bird suddenly appeared, soaring towards me as if emerging from the sun itself. It perched on a tree in front of me, and I noticed that all the light was illuminating its back, creating a silhouette. I relied on my instincts and adjusted my camera settings, lowering the shutter speed to accommodate the low light conditions. To my amazement, the golden backlit rays of the sun created a remarkable opportunity. I captured one of my most cherished images ever. As the cormorant landed on the perch, it flapped its wings to rid itself of the water it had collected while attempting to catch a meal. This moment became etched forever on my camera’s sensor and in my mind.

The bird came down, to perch on the tree
The only place with a peek for me

The dark on it’s breast caused a bit of unrest
Until I saw the gold from the west

The swift of the tail and the wings above
Shunts the water away forever to love

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