This unique image is photographed by Ben Fouche and is digitally enhanced to reveal the energy and magic of the scene. It looks spectacular when printed on large, stretched canvas. This standard artwork size is approximately 1189mm x 841mm.


Product Full Description

Reflection of the mesmerizing patterns caught my eye as the herd of zebras, very alert and ready to take off, sniff the crisp morning air. The stallion kept me in his eye as the shutter of my camera fired with alarming noise. Perfect contrasting lines and patterns find the way upwards to the neck and mane. Its tail is flicking almost in tandem with the tall winter grass and the animal almost disappear in the grassland with its contrasting lines of black and white that stretches everywhere. Early morning sunbeams reflecting on the grass and skin of the zebra made this the perfect picture to start my day in search of birds and other beautiful creatures in a reserve close to Pretoria, South Africa.

Far down the valley a glimpse of a herd, the male stood nor second or third.

He raised up his head to show he’s not dead and lift his tail over the buttocks instead.
The wind lifts its mane and carry the sound of the beautiful stallion’s neigh.
A ray of the sun caught the back of its bum when the click of the shutter was met.

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